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Marine Area Services

At Talleres Gil Almagro we offer solutions to meet all of your needs, everything from quick, one-time repairs to comprehensive design projects working in collaboration with an engineering team.

We offer general repair and refit solutions for all types of vessels: fishing boats, sailboats and yachts of all sizes, and cargo and transport ships (including tugboats, tenders, and merchant vessels).


  • Specialists in marine supply and installation

    Repair and maintenance of diesel engines, generators, reduction gears, electric motors, hydraulic systems, and injection and turbo pumps. We also perform injector inspections, compressor testing, cylinder head resurfacing, and engine alignment. We are official Cummins and John Deere Marine distributors, but we also carry many other brands of engines, reduction gears, generators, and replacement parts.

  • Specialists in framework:

    Manufacture and modification of bar and pipe structures made of all types of materials: carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminium, cupronickel, and high-tech plastics. We offer polishing and chrome plating. Our hydraulic press and bending and cutting equipment allow us to work with all types of polished on-deck stainless steel parts with a marine finish.

  • Specialists in machining:

    We have turning equipment that allows us to work with shafts over six metres long. Our milling cutters and lathes allow us to machine parts such as bolts, shaft lines, pinions, pulleys, armatures, pins, and keys.

  • Specialists in marine welding:

    Arc welding, tungsten inert gas (TIG) welding, and semi-automatic wire feed welding. We can work with carbon steel, aluminium, stainless steel, and cupronickel. Our facilities on the Mediterranean coast offer certified marine welding work (ship plate) using welders, materials, and procedures with Bureau Veritas Certification.

  • Specialists in hydraulics:

    We manufacture and maintain hydraulic systems, including the supply and repair of pressure pumps, chrome pistons, pressure distributors, hydraulic cylinder barrels, threaded joints and retainers, and rigid and flexible hoses.

  • Specialists in piping and valves:

    We supply and repair of all types of valves, couplings, piping, and accessories. Welded or non-welded steel pipes in millimetres or inches and in a variety of materials: carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminium, cupronickel. Cast iron, stainless steel, CR brass, and naval brass valves. Joint systems using couplings, welds, threads, and press-fitting: a non-welded pipe joining system using officially approved pressing for a maximum pressure of 16 bar.

  • Specialists in marine supply and installation:

    We distribute parts and supplies for diesel engines, reduction gears, generators, freshwater and seawater pumps, and hydraulic systems, as well as safety equipment, electrical and electronic navigation gear, and interior and exterior covering materials.

  • We supply marine electrical and electronics solutions:

    We work with boats and ships from all over the world, whose owners choose Tarragona and Port Tarraco for their routine repair work. We work with sailboats and yachts from our region’s marinas, fishing boats from the El Serrallo harbour, and cargo and service vessels from the Port of Tarragona.

  • Careful industrial maintenance and detailed repair services
  • 4th generation of specialists
  • Quick work to get you back to work fast
  • Customised solutions, quick and effective
  • We can come to your location without delays
  • Fully available whenever you need us
  • Ready to cover any need you may have